Friday, April 3, 2009

Feb-Mar Kidding Season Ends

It's sad when even kidding runs behind like the rest of my life. We finished up our Feb./Mar. kidding season April 1st when Vanna White had twin solid white girls! I couldn't decide if she was just trying to be on schedule with the rest of my life or if that was her idea of an April Fools joke. Anyway, the girls are wonderful! Twinkie twins that look like fluffy little furballs.
I am thinking that we should consider having all our kids in Feb. we've had 43 kids this kidding season and I realized when a customer called looking for a Feb. wether that ours are about all sold! It's amazing..they aren't even weaned yet and people have already paid for them. It's a strange thing, we're so busy during kidding that we both stay about 1/2 rumdum but I realized looking at the kidding page that the available Feb. kids are disappearing like snow on a warm day! Good thing I didn't have time to get attached to them or I would be sad. Instead all I can do is heave a hugh sigh of relief that perhaps soon it won't require a tractor and bushhog to feed the goats. Yes, I know that makes no sense but as the number of goats multiplied so did the amount of feed required. We have been feeding 300 lbs of feed a day and after graduating from 5 gal. buckets to 33 gal. tubs that required a dolly to move them from pen to pen...we've finally moved on up to the heavy equipment. We just load the bulk bags on the front forks of the tractor which Richard drives...the 33 gal. tubs...well they make a great seat for yours truly on the bushhog!
Guess I better get going, I hear the tractor starting, don't wanna miss my ride!

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  1. I wish I could bring my kids to meet your "kids". Maybe someday soon.