Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Babies

After weeks of waiting the babies are finally starting to arrive! Two little 100% boys a couple of days ago and just a few minutes ago we welcomed the first two little girls of the season. They were out of one of our very favorite percentage does, Vanna T. She is a Savanna and they are out of our paint buck Renegade so we have one very Savanna looking girl and one paint girl. :)
What more could a person ask for on their fall break!
We have 29 does with very visible bags, whoops! Make that 28 does now; so I expect that we will see about 57 to 60 more babies in the next 6 weeks or so.
Sigh! Wish we could have had more during this break when we were home to welcome them properly, but to be honest the moms do just fine without us.

The other part of this large Fall kidding is that we really won't have very many Spring kids. I know the 4H kids will be sad but with the new job I just couldn't deal with Winter babies. We will probably have about 10-15 does kid out in the spring. Gee I may even get a vacation this summer...

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