Sunday, January 3, 2010

The things that strike fear in a person's heart!

It's amazing the things that can strike fear in a grown woman's heart!! Tonight while we were feeding goats I was participating in my daily ritual for this time of year. Copping a feel to see which does were starting to bag up. Last week I told Richard with some excitment that I thought when we moved does to maternity this week we would probably have at least 15 to move. I was pretty happy and excited about that since these Jan/Feb kids will be the prime candidates for show kids for 4-H and FFA. Tonight I walked around checking for bags and calling out names as I felt that small pooch that meant their time was coming...I started to feel a small stab of anxiety that rose to outright terror as the list continued to grow. I soon realized that the list of does that needed to move to maternity pretty much included all of them!!! As the number grew I begin to feel outright heavens what are we going to do with 40 does kidding within 6 weeks! I'm sure all those fat girls were laughing at my quivering voice as I called out their names, I just hope they are still laughing when there are babies babies everywhere and not a kidding pen free!
If anybody wants to see a sea of fat little babies they should come see me in Feb!
Maybe I'll have quit trembling by then.