Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ultimate FIghting Championship Match!

So it's that time again....Kidding season is just around the corner and we've moved 23 does to maternity again and have 25 more that I keep telling Richard need to be moved...he just shakes his head because our maternity pen was designed back when having 8 to 10 goats kidding was a major kidding season and a fourth of the space is pretty useless because it is equipped with three dog kennels that cost $200 apiece and lasted intact for one whole kidding season. Now there are huge holes where fighting mamas have torn that fancy chainlink off the posts. We still have them in there because I plan to replace the chainlink with goat panels "someday".
Anyway, back to the championship round. Everybody thinks bucks are the mean ones but I swear they are just like their human counterparts. If little boys are going to fight they just jump right in there kicking and punching and generally not caring who sees what they are doing while girls are much more sneaky and so it is with goats. Now the month before kidding season is filled with all kinds of chores to get ready and one of them is the dreaded CD&T shots! These are the only shots our goats get unless they are sick so you would think we were doing major surgery on them. They fight, and we wrestle, get boxed, butted and kicked as a matter of course. If we aren't sporting a few bruises we get worried that they might be sick. But it never fails that it is the smaller ones that do you in every time. Now who would have guessed that Debi Taunte would be the ultimate fighting champion. She is very much like her name. Smaller than most of our other young does she has a very feminine build and gets beat up on a regular basis. So I wasn't prepared for the fight on my hands when I grabbed her. That girl fought and bucked, and wrestled her way nearly out of my clutches. Not going to be bested by a little young doe, I grabbed for a hind leg as I went down but she wasn't going to stand for that nonsense, a well-placed kick while I was down, and she was the victor! I could hear the judge counting me out as I spit dirt and well...whatever out of my mouth and tried to catch my breath for the next match.


  1. haha! sounds like a blast! no danger of boring around your place

  2. Oh no! I truly hope our Dignity lives up to her name when she kids. But I doubt it. :)

  3. GOod luck with that! Is she bred already?
    If it works for you I may start naming ALL my goats dignity, they could be dignity 1, dignity 2, etc. :)

  4. 被人揭下面具是一種失敗,自己揭下面具卻是種勝利。 ..................................................

  5. Enjoyed the blog.

    The little ones are the sneaky fighters!