Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of another Kidding Season

Well Ally finished off our Fall 2010 kidding season with a little girl and a big boy! The boy has a black tail! They are so cute. I love kidding season but this is the best part. No more stressful births and hoping that first time mothers will get it right and babies will all find the teat and quit looking between the front legs for it. No more trying to clean concrete pooh off of two day old babies whose mothers decided they weren't in the pooh cleaning business, and no more heartbreak from still born babies! Instead this is that wonderful time where for the next two months we will watch fat babies frolic in the pasture and try to steal all the time we can to play with them. Fifty-one happy healthy babies all ours to enjoy for two more months till they go to new homes and new families and we start Spring kidding season! :)

1 comment:

  1. Sweet. I would love to be there in the spring and help you all out. My "kids" would love it too.