Friday, February 4, 2011

Goating in cold weather

So I have to say I have a new appreciation of my Northern goating friends. I have to confess if we had more bad weather in this sheltered valley, I would have to have fewer goats. So we got 7 inches of snow today, this after 4 days of ice and below freezing temperatures. Luckily we didn't have to work because it took a good portion of the day to care for the goats. In addition to the usual feeding we had to put out hay since the big bales were coved in snow and ice....sigh...then we had to carry water in 2 1/2 gallon buckets to our that isn't too bad but we had to carry it really long distances because all of the outside faucets are frozen... 300 ft each trip for one of the big pens and we had to fill a 40 gal tub and the stinking goats kept drinking it every time we dumped some in!!!! They had a line and as soon as one goat moved off another took its place....slurping down that water faster than I could make a trip to bring more...I know filling that tub that should have only taken 7 trips since I was carrying 2 buckets at a time but with them drinking it and me slipping on the slick snow and spilling a generous amount it was almost twice that! And remember that was only ONE pen! It was the hardest pen though, the rest only required a few buckets each but by the time we were finished we both agreed no exercise routine for us today!!!
I think we are going to have to invest in a snow sled to carry the water and feed if we are going to keep getting this kind of weather. wonder how that would work...
So if you see a for sale ad for some of our goats after this cold spell passes you will know that it isn't the goats that are's the owners!


  1. 4 Wheeler! It is amazing they can stay so warm.

  2. Yep. We've actually talked about a mule but we'd like to have one with a convertible back seat so it has pretty much been out of our price range...sigh...
    At least I don't have to feel guilty about the extra calories I've consumed being cooped up with this snow. LOL

  3. yeah, I think I might be to old for that much exercise. I probably should go take them some more water since I'm sure that is frozen but they are just going to have to wait till morning!