Monday, June 8, 2009

Dylan drives the tractor

Richard and Dylan went for a tractor drive to check the fencelines and so Dylan could learn how to drive. Tamara says he always wants to drive the truck and they ask him if he has his driver's license?
They had a blast but since Dylan was really doing the steering we had to patch a small hole in the fence afterwards. They were happy to report that the fence was in really good shape all the way around...before they passed by!
It was a small hole though and when Dylan gets his real driver's license we'll have something to tease him about and the patch in the fence to prove it!


  1. How cute! Not the hole in the fence, but Dylan getting to drive the tractor.

  2. yeah, I was pretty impressed. They both had a good time and didn't let the hole ruin their fun at all! :)

  3. How many grand babies do you have now? I bet they are getting really big. Take care.