Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've decided insanity might be a requirement for goat farming...

Being farming folk 10:00 p.m. is bedtime almost any night and especially during kidding season when getting up a few times during the night is just a fact of life. As we were settling down to sleep we heard a light rain begin to fall and since we have 7 babies less than a week old...we hopped out of bed, donned shoes and went out in our jammies to locate babies and make sure they were tucked in the barn. Congratulating ourselves on a job well done we were once more almost settled in bed in clean nightclothes when the rain began blowing in the window I keep cracked during kidding season to hear the calls for help more easily. Richard had gone back to the living room to turn out the light we had left on when the wind started whipping, lightening flashing, and thunder booming!!! It was a fireworks display to rival any 4th of July display at the Wright City Rodeo!
"Are we under a tornado alert?" he called from the front room. That seemed to be the sign the heavens were waiting for! The rain sarted coming down in a driving sheet to add to the fireworks display which was the only thing still visible more than 6 inches in front of your face. We both grabbed shoes and off we went again. Any 6 year old knows one doesn't go out into that kind of lightening but I kept trying to reassure myself that at least I was wearing rubber shoes!
Richard ran to the truck to make a circle and check the outbuilding and make sure no goats were out in the rain. He came back and shouted to ask me if that was goat in the middle of the pasture. I couldn't even see what he was talking about but I could see a cluster of white bodies, our prize year old doelings, complete with one of my last year bottle babies huddled under a TREE of all things. What I couldn't see was the shelter they were supposed to be under!!! I kept pointing my flashlight in that direction trying to make it magically appear. I still can't believe how long it took me to realize that it wasn't there. But realizing that seemed to unfreeze my legs and they took me in a direction I couldn't even believe I was going! I grabbed the closest bucket as a bribe and started off at as much of run as I could go with the wind and rain pushing me along TOWARD the goats huddled under the tree. Richard went to open the gates that would allow them to get to the big barn and then came to assist me in my stupidity!
neither of us could get those goats that will normally do anything for a morsel of food to budge from the perilous shelter of that tree!
Realizing that lightening strikes all around should probably tell us something along with the body of the one poor doeling lying in the middle of the pasture stone cold dead, we eventually gave up but not before our clothes were so wet and heavy my pants were sliding off from the weight! Richard had the flashlight so I grabbed up my bottle baby on the way back to the house!!!!! Yep, it is true that when you are frightened you can do strange things!! That girl weighs really close to a 100 pounds if not over and I picked her up and carried her at least 50 feet! Fifty feet INTO the wind and rain that had helped my journey out to the tree. Blinded by the rain because this was the one night that I had actually taken my contacts out and my glasses were useless! Richard was trying to get me to give the goat to him but it finally dawned on me that I was bonkers so I put her down and dragged her another 50 feet, by that time the poor girl had decided we were crazy and it was closer to the house than back to the tree, so she happily ran with us the rest of the way.
Yep you got it. We really did bring a year old goat right into the house with us. And yes I dried her off before I dried myself!
For a horror story this one does have a somewhat happy ending. As soon as the lightening stopped and the rain let up to just a steady downpour the other girls made their way to the main barn without any assistance except for needing to be led the last part of the way and helped with the barn door and yes I did take the bottle baby to join them in the barn and Richard and I are back in the house making the attempt to get to sleep one more time! And me, well I know that once more we are blessed...
The barn that blew is a mangled mess in my neighbors pasture, although I really don't know how bad it actually is but I suspect that Portahut is a goner ..but who least all the goats but one made it!
Just another day in the life of the crazy goat woman and her husband.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad ya'll are ok. Sorry for the one that died.

  2. yeah I felt really bad for her but I'm pretty sure she didn't suffer.
    We are supposed to have rain again tonight...I could really do without it! :)