Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kidding thrills and chills...

My last year's bottle baby is going to kid...just any time.
Yesterday her udder was strutted and she was calling her kid. That should have meant she would kid within 24 hours but I guess her mother didn't tell her how this business was supposed to work....oh wait, that would be me!!!
So knowing that she might be a bit under prepared since she was a bottle baby and spent the first month of her life in my living room and all the other rooms once she learned to escape her crate...I've been checking on her regularly, at least once an hour.
I've decided the old adage about a "watched pot never boils" is true. However, there are still benefits to my attention to her needs.
This just happens to be the day we decided to clean the main barn for the first time since Winter has passed. Now our barn is 40X80 and while much of it can be cleaned by tractor there are the kidding pens, all the edges and small areas that have to be cleaned the old-fashioned way...with a pitchfork, barn shovel, and 2 foot metal rake and since I have chosen not to learn to drive the tractor guess who gets the privilege of manning the pitchfork!
But since I "had" to go spend a few minutes watching Isis, the mother-to-be, each hour to make sure she wasn't showing any signs of labor, I managed to sneak in a short break that my loving husband missed. I think that is only fair since I'm older than he is! :)
Amazing that even with all those breaks my poor old body feels like someone beat me up when I wasn't looking. And tomorrow will probably be even worse! Gotta learn to drive that tractor or potty train these goats!! :)